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Only the Wind
© Tennant/Lowe (1990)

Only the Wind

It's only the wind blowing litter all around
Just a little wind and the trees are falling down

Autumn. A time when the bright colours of the summer are becoming muted, fading, to dull earthy browns and blacks; flowers and leaves dying. The weather is getting colder, although winter's not yet here; winds are chilly and brisk rather than pleasantly cooling.

This is a nice area. Lived in by the sort of people we're trying to protect. Decent, honest people. I sat on a bench, and watched the wind playfully blowing some dry leaves around on the grass.

Delaying the moment. Joe had only been on the team two months.

There's nobody crying, that was yesterday
Inside we're all smiling, everything's okay

For those of us who were safe. Those on the squad who'd come through. Karen didn't even know yet.

It's only the wind blowing cans along the street
Someone's dustbin lid playing havoc with the peace

The wind gusted again, stronger; lifting the leaves and sweeping them into the air. I pulled my jacket closer around me.

There's nobody hiding behind a locked door
And no one's been lying, 'cause we don't lie any more

What was I going to tell her? That Joe died doing a good job? Some nonsense about how valuable his contribution had been? Or that if he'd been less of a man, less loyal to his partner, he might still be alive?

Would any of it make any difference?

It's only the wind, how it takes you by surprise
Suddenly begins, then before you know it dies

I got up and headed across the square. The wind had dropped again; sun glinting through the trees.

No one should have died. The op was low-key. No importance. Cowley had even been reluctant to spare the men for it.

Regret. We all have that.

My hands are not shaking, I don't touch a drop
You must be mistaken, I know when to stop

I reached the steps. My hands were shaking. With cold or nerves?

When life is calmer, I have no doubt
No angry drama, a storm blows itself out

It's only the wind, they say it's getting worse
The trouble that it brings haunts us like a curse

Every week there seemed to be a new crisis, more lives lost.

My nerves are all jangled, but I'm pulling through
I hope I can handle what I have to do

The door opened on the blonde woman whose world I was about to destroy. "Karen..."

When life is calmer, I have no doubt
No angry drama, a storm blows itself out
A storm blows itself out...

"No... no..."

I'm sorry

"I'm sorry..."


© Carol Good - September 2002

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