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Penny for the Guy

         "Penny for the Guy, mister?"
          "Eh?" Daydreaming while waiting for Doyle, Bodie looked down at the scruffy kid beside him then looked around. "What Guy?"
          "My one." His hand hovered hopefully but as Bodie stared blankly at him, the kid added, "Round the corner."
          "Bring it round here then."
          "Ain't got no wheels."
          Sighing, Bodie followed him. The corner wasn't far, he would still see Doyle arrive... Bodie's face darkened. The Guy wore a leather jacket - his jacket, nicked last week!
          "You little...!"
          The kid took off, but Doyle's shout halted his partner's pursuit. "Bodie! We got a call...!"

© Carol Good - October 2009