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I have always been keen to write, but it was only late in 1999 that I joined an internet group dedicated to fan fiction, about possibly my favourite programme of all time, The Professionals.

One of the fun parts of belonging to the Fanfiction group is the joint enthusiasm, and setting challenges for each other. Some of the stories are in response to these challenges. Another element is our 'tag' stories, where one person starts a story, and passes it on. If you would like to read more Professionals fan fiction, visit the Pros Gen Fanfic website, from where you can also join the ProsFanfic group.

Also well worth a visit is the WaveWrights.com webpage, home of Joules Taylor, whose friendship and encouragement has meant a great deal to me. Joules' page contains a wealth of original fiction, fanfiction, original artwork and reviews. Be sure to visit the Official Guide to Haadri   Haadri.com   as well!

LATEST - Haadri: Prime Contact, the first book in the series, was published in February 2008! Check out the Haadri blog for the latest news, and links to the order page!

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