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Professionals stories

Another Chance

December 1999

Bodie and Doyle have tracked a suspect to a warehouse


January 2000

A chance encounter with a teenager leads Bodie and Doyle into a murder case

From Switzerland ...

January 2000

A h/c story, involving a warehouse, a clock, a cuddly toy, and a phone - response to Challenge 2

Sticks & Stones...

February 2000

A computer, a key, rope, a physical fight, happening over three days - response to Challenge 3


February 2000

In the sequel to Bystanders, Paul is missing and Nicky needs help

Desperate Measures

March 2000

Bodie is undercover without Doyle - Written with Joules Taylor

Danger, Genii at Work

March 2000

Not so much a story, as a record of the Making of Desperate Measures - produced with Joules Taylor

... a long time coming

April 2000

A story about what happens immediately after an episode where one of them is in extreme danger - response to Challenge 4

Fade away

April 2000

A Professionals piece (could be a story, a dialogue, soliloquy, word-picture, even a poem) about, by, or mentioning Bodie and Doyle, and containing autumn leaves, a dog and a football. Should be no shorter than 150 words, and no longer than 1,000 - response to Challenge 6


April 2000

The final episode of the Bystanders trilogy

Last Tango in Eastbourne

May 2000

The sequel to Desperate Measures - Written with Joules Taylor
Warning - this story is unsuitable for under-18's

Be careful what you wish for...

September 2000

A story about three wishes - response to Challenge 8

Half Hour in a Horsebox

September 2000

PWP, a brief interlude on a day off
Warning - this story is unsuitable for under-18's

Odds On

October 2000

Whilst on protection duty, Bodie has to cope with the ghosts of the past

Cries in the Night

October 2000

A joint case with the Vice Squad brings unforeseen problems -
Written with Joules Taylor
This story is long. Some readers may find it disturbing

On a Knife's Edge

November 2000

It's Doyle's turn to cope with the ghosts of the past

Ships in the Night

November 2000

A sort of PWP Doyle-fantasy
Warning - this story is unsuitable for under-18's

You're not alone

November 2000

Another idea introduced to the list was that of a lyric wheel; whereby you supply lyrics for the next person on the spoke and write a story containing one of the lines from the lyric sent to you.


January 2001

Looking for a different way to answer Jennie's challenge (No. 11), a story about when Bodie and Doyle first met and/or their first op together as partners, I remembered I'd never done a story to cover challenge 6, a case or event told in the form of diary entries. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I decided to combine the two.


April 2001

What's behind the deaths of two CI5 agents?

At that time of the night

May 2001

Story for Lyric Wheel No 2

A small favour

June 2001

A very short story

Running Man

July 2001

A sort of lyric story...

Blind Obsession

August 2001

Doyle has been accused... - Written with Joules Taylor

Too Close

September 2001

A departure from the norm

Only Human

November 2001

A story challenge from Elaine, inspired by a poem

Fixing the Odds

December 2001

A sort of sequel to Odds On

Everyone has problems with inflation

January 2002

Inspired by a visit to Aberdeen - Joint story


February 2002

Learning to trust

Outside Odds

May 2002

Final part of the Odds On trilogy


July 2002

Doyle can't be serious?

Long Shadows

August 2002

Macklin, handcuffs, gym - response to the Combinations Challenge

Only the Wind

September 2002

A very short, sort of lyric story

Female of the Species

November 2002

The terrorists get more than they bargained for - Written with Sue Tier


November 2002

Another flashback for Doyle

Operation Pay-Up

December 2002

Response to the Xmas Combinations Challenge


January 2003

Katie's story - This could be read in isolation, but will make so much more sense if you've read the Bystanders trilogy and Cries in the Night first. It will spoil things if you don't!

Man in the Middle

March 2003

After Operation Susie, how did Cowley feel?


April 2003

Doyle's girlfriend reflects on what could have been...

The King's Shilling

May 2003

Another side of the coin...?

Shattered Illusions

September 2003

The sequel to Illusions - Doyle meets Denise again.

The Gift

September 2003

A backstory to Female Factor

Let it Snow

December 2003

Sort of Xmas-combi story

In the Field of Conflict

February 2004

Lyric-style story, Bodie focused

Crossed Words

April 2004

A YahooGroups 'Word' Challenge story

Family Business

July 2004

Plot-based story (long)

A Night Out

July 2004

A night out at the cinema is anything but peaceful. Written in response to the Combi challenge Written with Sue Tier

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo

December 2004

There's a traitor in the ranks - who could it possibly be? Written with Sue Tier (long)

Grave Secrets

April 2005

Combi Challenge Stories - Villains theme

Doyle's Day Off

June 2005

Response to the Title challenge

No More Heroes

August 2005

A lyric challenge story

Killer with a Long Arm

October 2005

Response to the Readers challenges - write an AU version of Killer with a Long Arm

No Honour Amongst Thieves

December 2005

A first-case story for Bodie and Doyle - Written with Sue Tier


Febuary 2006

Combi Challenge Story

Lex Talionis

May 2006

Minor Agent Challenge

Dangerous Charade

December 2006

A difficult case for those undercover - Written with Sue Tier

Just Another Day

May 2007

Coppers & Villains Challenge

Sink or Swim

September 2007

Sink or Swim Challenge

Torn Loyalties

December 2007

Doyle is torn... - Written with Sue Tier

The Way Things Used To Be

May 2008

Written for the 30th Anniversary Challenge - the lads, 30 years on...

Scars of the Jungle

December 2008

The return of old adversaries...Written with Sue Tier

An unlikely pair of guardian angels

February 2009

Following on from Secrets - This could be read in isolation, but will make so much more sense if you've read the Bystanders trilogy and Cries in the Night first. It will spoil things if you don't!

Sides of the Coin - Doyle
Sides of the Coin - Bodie

March 2009

Two stories written from the same starting scenario. Sue wrote Doyle, I wrote Bodie.

Worlds apart

August 2009

A short trip down memory lane for Bodie

Penny for the Guy

October 2009

A seasonable drabble

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Other short stories

Future Echoes

March 2000

Originally written for a short story competition in 1999

"You never bought me flowers"

May 2000

Don't take people for granted...

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